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Re: [m-hb] MIT Guild of Bellringers Annual Meeting

See below the actual current officers, per Genni's minutes.

I can't make the meeting this Monday, as I'll be in Atlantic City for
a business meeting.  I give my proxy to Elaine.

I do have some nominations.  I nominate Dennis Wilson to the offices
of Director of Tune Ringers.   We haven't been so much about actually
doing any tune ringing, but we didn't lend the bells to John Harbison
a couple of times, and Dennis and I went to the locker to deal with
the tune ringing bells a couple of times, and he *cleaned* and
*polished* them.  And the bulletin board!  He did that!  I choose to
believe these count as "meeting", and would like any votes I earned by
turning up on those occasions cast for Dennis.  He rocks.

I also nominate Dennis Wilson to the office of Keeper of Handbells,
c.f. above bits about the cleaning and the polishing.   I don't notice
it saying anything about this in the new constitution, but the keeper
of handbells is generally in charge of handbell practice when the
ringing master is not around.

I nominate Naomi Schurr to the office of president.  She actually
comes to handbells, for one thing.  She even brought her sister. She

I would like to thank Theresa for doing an absolutely spectacular job
as president for her entire undergraduate career.  No one has ever
done such a good job dealing with ASA stuff and reserving rooms on
time, and we are grateful.  Will you please graduate, stay here, and
take up ringing again now that you have time?

  I suggest that no matter who actually gets elected to office, we
make sure that at least Dennis and Naomi are authorized to reserve

  I nominate Oliver Kosut to the office of Ringing Master.

  I would also like to thank Ricky for doing a terrific job as Ringing
Master for the last two years.  It would be fine with me for you to be
ringing master two years out of every three.

    Have fun!


Current officers from Genni's notes (thanks for actually taking notes, 

President: Theresa re-elected; unanimous
Ringing Master: Ricky re-elected; unanimous
Steeple Keeper: Ricky re-elected; unanimous
Keeper of the hand bells: Elaine re-elected; unanimous
Treasurer & Secretary: Asher re-elected; unanimous
Director of tune ringers: we were all unable to vote, so no vote was held
Historian: Laura re-elected; unanimous
Clapper Correspondent: Dianne re-elected; unanimous
Webmaster/Webmistress: Mira re-elected: unanimous

On Sun, May 8, 2011 at 10:41 PM, Richard Edward Morse <pukku mac com> 
> Hi! This is just a reminder that the annual meeting of the MIT Guild of 
> Bellringers is tomorrow/tonight at 7:30p at Monday night handbells. This 
> is in MIT room 5-232. See http://whereis.mit.edu for a campus map.
> Here are the current officers:
> - President: Teresa
> - Treasurer / Secretary: Asher
> - Keeper of Handbells: Cally?
> - Steeple Keeper: Ricky
> - Ringing Master: Ricky
> - Clapper Correspondent: Laura
> - Director of Tune Ringers: ?
> - Historian: ?
> - Webmaster: Mira (?)
> The constitution is at 
> http://mit.edu/bellringers/Constitution/newconst.txt
> See you there!
> Ricky
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