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anyone want my keys?

I'm a little slow this week.  I only just realized last night that I had BSO open rehearsal tickets for tonight.
(Insert sad violin music here)  So I won't be at practice tonight. Ricky has kindly offered  to run practice,
but I've still got to ditch my keys.  In theory, I've got plenty of time (concert starts at 7:30).  Is there anyone
coming from downtown-ish who would be willing to accept delivery of same?  Or MIT? 
The church entrance will be open til 7, so I could leave the keys in the ringer's mailbox if someone was going
to be early (might require cheating; going through nave, out sacristy to get to other side of potentially locked
door).  Failure mode is grim.

To further complicate matters, I've forgotten my cellphone today.
If you can help, reply be email or call me at work (617-796-1360)

Thanks! (sorry)