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sad news, forwarded from Geoff

  Roderick Pipe has died, and Geoff wrote this remembrance.  There isn't 
much more info on Campanophile yet.  Sad news for David, Henry, and the 
rest of the family.

"Roderick Pipe was one of the finest ringers who ever lived: his aura made 
everyone he was ringing with want to know the method, stick to it and 
strike their best. To be invited to ring with him was an honor and a 
privilege, and I had that honor on many wonderful occasions. Roderick was 
an exceptionally talented composer on all numbers of bells, particularly 
the higher numbers. Many of his compositions are true classics that often 
are a challenge to ring, call and conduct. For example, to ring in one of 
his compositions of 5021 Glasgow Surprise Major (which come round at 
handstroke after some overwhelmingly beautiful music in the last course) 
is cause for celebration. He also was a master conductor, one of those 
very rare conductors who knows where all the bells are all the time, 
whatever the number. He was a tall, courteous and kindly man, much like 
his father Cecil Pipe of Grundisborough, Suffolk. Most of all he was my 
friend and I shall miss him. It was a priviledge to know!
 you, Roddy. Rest in peace my friend."

Geoffrey Davies