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Re: Ringing in Boston

On Fri, Sep 3, 2010 at 10:28 AM, Richard & Janet Thomas
<thomases1 btinternet com> wrote:
> I'm a ringer at Wymeswold, Leicestershire, and I'm in Boston arriving Sat
> 2nd October and departing the following Thursday.  One of our ringers, 
> Mike
> Henshaw, suggested I drop you a line to see if any ringing was happening 
> on
> Sunday 3rd. I'm not sure of my work schedule but if I can fit something 
> in
> I'd quite like to. I'm working at Boston University and staying at the 
> Eliot
> Hotel on Commonwealth Ave, but I've no idea how near or far any towers 
> are!

I'm afraid I moved to Pittsburgh from Boston about four years ago, so
am no longer all that good a contact for Boston ringing. I'm CCing
some folks that are, though.

At the Eliot you're about a half-hour walk from the Church of the
Advent, or two stops on the Subway (underground train). It's a bit
further to Old North, though an easy subway ride since you're already
on the right branch of the system and won't have to make any

I'm confident there will be ringing at both towers while you're in
town. You'll miss the Old North practice, but should be able to make
service ringing there. It being the first Sunday of the month the
service ringing at Old North might be a quarter attempt--if so, I'm
sure they'll invite you to have a rope in it.

You should be able to make both service ringing and practice (Wed
evening) at Advent. The service ringing at the two towers is suitably
staggered so folks can ring at both towers on a Sunday morning.

If you ring handbells there will probably be a practice on the Monday
night at MIT. That's about a half-hour walk from your hotel, or a
straightforward bus trip.

Please say "hi" to Mike for me.

Don Morrison <dfm ringing org>
"We are not an endangered species ourselves yet, but this
is not for lack of trying."
                     -- Douglas Adams, _Last Chance to See_