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Advent advanced practice

Hi all -

   Next week 4/28 we will (finally) have an advanced practice.  As in the past, this means there will *not* be any handling lessons during practice, and that less advanced ringers will get somewhat less ropetime than usual.
   I think we should have a band for Horton's Four (that's London, Bristol, Glasgow, and Belfast), out of some subset of Eddie, Maurice, Geoff, Dale, James, Danielle, Elaine, Cally, possibly Marj?, and myself, so if you are on that list, please have a look at those methods.
   There's also been the suggestion of Double Norwich - this should not be hard for us, but please look over it ahead of time.
   And Ricky, have a look at Cambridge Major!
   If there are any other requests or suggestions, please let me know - see you next week!
         ~ Emily