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Lowell House ringing this afternoon (Sunday)

From Ben Rapoport:

>>Recalling our guest ringing with you at the Old North Church two summers ago and your return visit to the Lowell House Tower, we wanted to extend an invitation for you to join us again tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon from 1-3pm. We are once again hosting Father Roman, Head Bellringer of the Danilov Monastery in Moscow, whom you met in 2008, and who was especially eager to extend this invitation to you.

We will hold our regular weekly ringing tomorrow afternoon, to be followed by a master class with Father Roman. Father Roman is also scheduled to give a presentation at Lowell House on Tuesday evening from 7-8pm, which you and any of your ringers would be most welcome to attend.

I apologize for this late notice, it would certainly be a pleasure to see you all again. <<

Those of us going there from ON service ringing would necessarily be late, but I expect that would be OK.

Laura Dickerson