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Re: Stedmonster

On Mon, Aug 3, 2009 at 2:26 PM, James Whiting<jkwhiting gmail com> wrote:
> We could also try ringing Double Stedman Minor:
> http://www.vismeth.co.uk/methview2.php?P=36.14.x.36.14.36-14&T=Unrung+minor+Method&S=minor&R=Unrung

For whatever it's worth the CCCBR views this method's "official" name
as Double Dunkirk Bob. And contrary to what the web page the above
link pulls up implies, it has been rung in at least one peal, for the
Cambridge University Guild at St Benet's, about a half-dozen years ago.

Don Morrison <dfm ringing org>
"And as long as we're considering all the possibilities, I might be
insane and imagining my entire life. I'd be the last person to know."
                                                       -- Scott Adams