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Possibility of an unusual Saturday practice at ON November 22

A bunch of the Smith ringers will be attending Old North practice on Saturday the 22nd, and having a session at the Advent in the afternoon. The radical suggestion has been made to have the Old North portion be a combined surprise and rounds practice (with some possible Kaleidoscope or call changes added to the rounds). People who ring surprise should presume to be ringing almost the whole time. People who don't will be ringing rounds. (ie no other methods*). The idea behind this is to make sure we have lots of people who (on paper) can ring accurate rounds to help the learners, with the surprise portions offered as a extra treat. Please let me know if you can make it. I'm sure I've circulated this before, but it's a good reminder that quality ringing starts with good rounds

* I take it back. That's St Cecelia's Day. Maybe we'll ring that (unfortunately, it isn't available on the Visual method archive, because it's a doubles variation, not a method).

Laura Dickerson