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Boston Logo "Shirt" Still Available

Individual ringers can order their own "Boston Cahgne Rniergs" logo shirts (or other items) electronically from Land's End Business Outfitters at any time.   There is no minimum order amount necessary in order get the discounted logo application fee of $5.95 (for most items).

You can place your order by going to http://ces.landsend.com/Advent.  If you would like your logo to be in colors other than the Purple, Red, and Blue shown on the left of that page, you must indicate this on the last page of your electronic order process (before you get to payment details) by clicking on the "Special Requests" line near the top of the page.  Indicate what colors you prefer for each of the four color "needles" of our design: Wheel, Bell, Clapper, and Letters.