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A request to ring Kent at practices

Ross Finbow is offering to host a ringing workshop in Pittsburgh in late summer based around ringing Kent and Oxford. We don't ring them in tower here except on rare occasions, but maybe we should take it up. They don't have the magic "surprise" in their names, they don't have complex blue lines (something many people seem to want for a brain thrill) and they can be hard to strike. I'm becoming convinced that these latter two attributes are also the reason that people *should* ring them - most of one's brain power can be used to concentrate on striking instead of on the method, but since the line includes hunting and dodging and place making, most of the possible striking difficulties are there (and any others can be experienced by ringing Stedman). One can learn the blue lines, for ease in splicing, but most people ring Kent & Oxford by learning a system instead. British ringer Jennie Towne is working on a list of tips for ringing Kent and has promised to email them around once she's done, so I'll have those on hand eventually. Laura Dickerson