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Re: Modified Pgh

Not sure about the terminology, but the League of american bicyclists, has just this sort of thing available for affiliated clubs.  (It also provides me with "malpractice" insurance when I teach bike safety)

On 9/21/05, Laura Dickerson <lauradi erols com > wrote:
     If such a form would make people stop and think for a minute, fine.  (would a big sign that says: Don't Do Anything Stupid attract anyone's attention?)  Otherwise it's a waste of paper.  Florence took a class in glass bead making that involved leaning over an open flame with melting glass.  I signed a waiver, but the instructor cheerfully told me that I would  easily be able to sue him if something bad
   One of my summer projects was supposed to be finding an insurance agent that would provide liability coverage for ringing gatherings (either annual ones for our usual towers or one day policies for outings).  I got a copy of Kalamazoo's policy and talked to my regular insurance agent, but I need to do a lot more digging.  I think the NAGCR should have an umbrella liability policy for all the towers to
sub-contract under (not a very grammatical sentence) but it presumably won't happen any time soon, so we need to do it on our own.
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