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Modified Pgh

With a little help from Britt, I have modified the Pittsburgh Guild Liability form and am attaching it to this message (in Text Only format) for your review. -- Dianne


(To be signed by ALL visitors to Advent Bell Tower)

I, the undersigned, acknowledge that tower bells and bell ringing are potentially dangerous and that it is very important to observe all applicable safety rules for my safety and the safety of others. I understand that the basic rules of safety in the bell tower are:
· Do not touch anything, particularly ropes, without the express permission of an experienced ringer
· Do not distract the concentration of anyone currently ringing or about to start ringing, by gesturing, by talking to him or her or in any other way.

In consideration of my being permitted to visit the bell tower and observe, receive instruction, and/or actively participate in ringing the bells, I agree to release and hold harmless The Church of the Advent, the Advent Guild of Bellringers, NAGCR, their respective administrators, leaders, members, and instructors for any and all injuries I may receive while in the bell tower, regardless of fault or negligence.

______________________ ______________________________
(Signature) (Witness)
(Parent's signature required for minors under 18 years of age)

______________________ ____________________________
(Print name) (Date)

_______________________ ________________________