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Re: Modified Pgh

It's worth noting that a good number of MIT freshmen (me five years
ago, for example) are 17 at the beginning of the fall and don't have
their parents anywhere nearby.

 - John

On 9/21/05, Dianne Cermak <dspc comcast net> wrote:
> With a little help from Britt, I have modified the Pittsburgh Guild
> Liability form and am attaching it to this message (in Text Only
> format) for your review. -- Dianne
> (To be signed by ALL visitors to Advent Bell Tower)
> I, the undersigned, acknowledge that tower bells and bell ringing are
> potentially dangerous and that it is very important to observe all
> applicable safety rules for my safety and the safety of others.  I
> understand that the basic rules of safety in the bell tower are:
> · Do not touch anything, particularly ropes, without the express
> permission of an experienced ringer
> · Do not distract the concentration of anyone currently ringing or
> about to start ringing, by gesturing, by talking to him or her or in
> any other way.
> In consideration of my being permitted to visit the bell tower and
> observe, receive instruction, and/or actively participate in ringing
> the bells, I agree to release and hold harmless The Church of the
> Advent, the Advent Guild of Bellringers, NAGCR, their respective
> administrators, leaders, members, and instructors for any and all
> injuries I may receive while in the bell tower, regardless of fault or
> negligence.
> ______________________ ______________________________
> (Signature)                              (Witness)
> (Parent's signature required for minors under 18 years of age)
> ______________________  ____________________________
> (Print name)                     (Date)
> _______________________ ________________________
> (Address)
> _______________________________________________
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