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July 4th potluck picnic

    Dianne had assumed that I would organize the usual Independence Day
pre-1812 get together.  I'm not actually going to be there, but I could
work on advance planning if nobody else wants to do it.  For newcomers,
rounds on 8 at the Church of the Advent is part of the Boston Pops July
4th  version of the 1812 Overture.  (also howitzers, if you're into that
sort of thing).  This happens near to the end of the concert, just
before (usually) the Stars & Stripes Forever and then the big
fireworks.  Ringers and friends tend to  eat and hang around in the
garden/Mosely Hall before it's time to ring.  When we start eating has
varied from year to year. At a guess, the 1812 will start at around 10.
How much eating and hanging around time to people want before that?
Who wants to bring what? We have already been offered pink lemonade.

  The basic facts of the evening:
The concert starts (usually with the national anthem) at 8:30.
The LOUD F15s (our tax dollars at play) fly overhead at 8:35.
Excessive numbers of guest musicians (and this year, a reading of the
Gettysburg Address) are sprinkled through the traditional every year
stuff like the sing-along.  The fireworks are scheduled to start at
10:30 and run for 23 minutes.
The last T trains leave Downtown Crossing at 1 AM.  Buy tokens in
advance, and it's usually worth walking to Park Street or Arlington on
the way home instead of trying to get a train at Charles.
Official information:


Laura Dickerson