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Fwd: Newsletter 31

Begin forwarded message:

From: "Dee White" <dee crinan net>
Date: June 24, 2005 11:46:48 AM EDT
To: "Don Morrison" <dfm mv com>, "Erick Owens" <erick owens tiscali co uk>, "Frances & Bob Hercliffe" <hercliffe btinternet com>, "Garry Burgess" <burgess1969 hotmail co uk>, "Jenny Buxton" <john buxtonhome ntlworld com>, "John & Diane Bullard" <dyandjohn bullard80 freeserve co uk>, "John Smith" <jiffys btinternet com>, "Kate & Tim Shilvock" <kate shilvock com>, "Keith Stubbington" <stubbie btinternet com>, "Ken & Audrey Smithem" <kensmithem eggconnect net>, "Liz & Frank Chalstrey" <echalstrey waitrose com>, "Ludyraquepo" <ludy_r xtra co nz>
Subject: Newsletter 31

Hi folks,

I haven't had a lot of information to pass on partly due to Telaurus
being "down" for over a day and also Nick hasn't had time to do a proper newsletter and I've had trouble locating his daily log which didn't seem
to be published properly at the correct time. I eventually found it on
the Pindar site by looking thro' the archives for 21st June entitled
"Brilliant Racing" in case any of you missed it.

Good to see them now up in 9th place. Thanks to all you wonderful people who have put messages on the Pindar site. Robin and Judy, Dave A. Diana,
Ched Hayes, David G. Chris and Les, Heather, Tony F. Ken and Aud and
Sarah and Erick and co. Don't forget to mention Nick's name and keep
them coming on teampindar.com

Remember to let me know if you are planning to come to Portsmouth and
let me have your mobile numbers.

There is an all day car park by the finish line at Southsea Castle at £5
for the day.(as there was at the start) I think it's only about 1/2
hours walk to Gunwarf from there.

Keep in touch,

Love Dee


See the Pindar website for the latest update as I've just written the

Pete Yarney.  Thanks for your email and support enjoy France. look

to seeing you in Portsmouth. don't know about trashing sails sounds as

I'll get really trashed there!! Passed on your message to Matt Jess and

looking forward to meeting you "in the flesh" in Portsmouth. Yes it's

to be able to prove that the old farts can still take part in ocean

although the Challenge is one of the very few opportunities for the
likes of


Marg and Harold. The latter is right I'm completely mad but you already

that anyway. Congrats to you on becoming grandparents again and to Helen

Andy. At 9lb 5oz Joseph Henry must have been like trying to shove our

flanker kite through the companionway when it's been badly packed.  Eye

popping!! If the weather is as bad getting back as the start at least it

will be up the chuff and kite fly us back but then Challenge will put in

extra waypoints so we don't arrive before the party!! The arrival window

La Rochelle is between  4 - 6 July and we leave on 13th July.

Alan and Betty.  You can't be talking about Dee singing I hope!!!! No

will never be the same again thank god. Will catch up with you on my

explain all the techie terms and bore you to death with "when I did the

global Challenge"

Maureen. Carpel Tunnel is definitely not some exotic place to visit but

seems to be under control with the wrist supports and they have their

uses, hammering off jammers etc, though I doubt the doctor would

''while you're down there.....'' is just as much at home on the Global

David's boat.

Steve L.  Thanks Steve Cwm Clyd on the north side of Y Garn sounds

interesting. Remember "you can't make lasagne with spagetti" have just

it for dinner out of a can!!! We're using emergency rations on this leg

they don't get thrown away as Challenge don't have a licence to store

even if it is in tins. You'll need a licence to go to the toilet in the

before long!!!

Andrew Fearne. Thanks for the cheque. Sorry if my logs mean you are not

getting any work done. Words like FSA and Proceeds of Crime Act make me

like turning round and doing the race again backwards.

Love to all


Don Morrison <dfm mv com>
"I've never understood all this fuss people make about the
dawn.... They're never as good as the photographs, which
have the additional advantage of being things you can look
at when you're in the right frame of mind, which is usually
about lunchtime."    -- Douglas Adams, _Last Chance to See_