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July 4th potluck picnic

  We'd  like to do some vague organization for the annual 4th of July
"hang around in the Advent garden before the concert" potluck picnic.
  We can firm up the time later in the week - as of last Friday, the
official Mugar 4th of July office still didn't know for sure when the
1812 will appear in the program!  The concert starts at 8 and the main
fireworks are scheduled for 10:30, but I don't have any more details
than that.

   I'm not going to assign specific items to people, but it would be
good to have a variety of foods and  beverages.
Possibilities - fruit,  veggies (carrots, celery sticks, broccoli
florets) + dip, salads, entrees, breads, desserts.  The kitchen will be
available to us if you need to heat things up, and we'll be using the
Advent's  dishes and silverware.  I'm making bean salad plus other as
yet undecided stuff.  If you're feeling really energetic you could go to

and click on the video that shows how to make a watermelon basket.
There are actually some pretty scary recipes on that site, including the
red white and blue jello pie  found in the summertime desserts section.
   There's always the 7-11 for last minute additions.

Laura Dickerson