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July 4th dinner update

    I finally heard back from the Mugar office about timing during the
Pops concert.  The 1812 Overture is scheduled to start at 9:51 PM so
that when the nationwide TV coverage starts at 10 PM it will be mostly
over - the TV audience will get the last bit of it, but not all. The
office  has Don's number, our home number, and Florence's cell number
and promise to call if things change again.
   What if we start the picnic at about 7 PM?  That will give us an hour
to eat, an hour to clean up, and  most of an hour to lounge around the
ringing room before it's time to ring.  There is more concert after the
1812, ending at almost 10:30 with "The Stars and Stripes Forever," and
then half an hour of fireworks.
   Terry at the Advent has sweetly agreed to empty out part of the
fridge in the kitchen by service ringing time on Sunday morning, so that
people can drop off perishables in advance if that's more convenient.
I'll bring a boom box also.

Laura Dickerson