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Nick White

Most of you who have been at ringing the past week will have met Nick White. He's the fellow involved in a ten month, seven leg around the world the wrong way yacht race, currently taking a break in Boston. I believe many of you are interested in keeping up with his progress.

A web site hosted by Nick's boat's sponsor and detailing their progress is at


Nick is unable to receive email directly, but if you'd like to write to him his wife is happy to forward messages to him. Send them to

  dee crinan net

He also distributes, through her, periodic email updates of their progress. I've asked her to send me a copy, and I will forward them to this list.

There is also an article by Nick, including several photos of the boat, in the latest Ringing World, the 10 June issue. I know he's hoping to make it to ringing at least once more before they leave Boston. If he does, please someone do ensure he sees the 10 June issue of the RW. Thanks!

Don Morrison <dfm mv com>
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