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New BAPC Calendar change-over to Brandeis

Hi everyone,


My term of handling the bapc calendar has come to an end, and it is now Brandeis University who is handling it as of September 2008.  Your talk must be submitted in the following format, (see example below).  Why, you ask…because it is just too time consuming to edit /correct everyone’s submission that is not in the correct format to begin with.  Please be considerate of the new person taking the calendar over and follow the necessary format; otherwise, your talk will be sent back to you to correct the format.  If you have a template that you use please format it so it is consistent with the one below and everyone else’s.


  • The only talks that will be accepted are the ones that are in the correct format and are in the body of the email.  DO NOT send attachments of word documents, etc..
  • send your “on-time” submissions to: bapc-events cosmos phy tufts edu
  • send your “late” submissions to: bapc-late cosmos phy tufts edu
  • subscribe to or unsubscribe” from the bapc calendar: http://cosmos.phy.tufts.edu/bapc.html
  • Deadline to submit your talk: Entries should reach the calendar coordinator no later than 2:00 pm the Wednesday of the week preceding the week of the actual event.
  • If you miss the 2:00 pm submission deadline:   you are then responsible for sending your own talk in via the bapc-late email address above.
  • The bapc calendar coordinator sends out the calendar every Wednesday before or by 5:00 pm
  • If there is a change of time or correction on your talk you will need to send it out yourself via the bapc-late email address and just put correction on the subject line


Here is the format example to follow:


Monday, September 3, 2008

4:15 p.m.

Harvard University

Department of Physics Colloquium

Jefferson 250

"What is Really Measured in the Mesoscopic Aharonov-Bohm Interferometer?"

Amnon Aharony

Tel Aviv University

tea will be served in Jefferson 450 at 3:30 pm



Thank you very much and have a magnificent summer!




Dayle Maynard

Harvard University

Department of Physics

17 Oxford Street


Cambridge, MA 02138


Tel:  (617) 495-2872

Fax: (617) 495-0416

E-Mail:  maynard physics harvard edu