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Re: interferometer

Hi Ken,

  For TheoryNet with funds, the Thorlab or Pasco apparatus would be appropriate. Then the apparatus could be shared.
  For teachers who want to build their own interferometer for less than $250, I have attached a parts list and a link to a commercial source for a kit in the attached document. 
  I had fun building my own, but it does take time to get the beams aligned for a proper interference pattern. 


On Sun, Feb 20, 2022 at 12:56 PM Ken Olum <kdo cosmos phy tufts edu> wrote:
The purpose that has led us to buying this equipment is for me (or
anyone else who wants) to talk about LIGO and demonstrate (roughly) how
LIGO does precision measurement.  I'm confident in my ability to get it
working.  It could also be used for many other purposes.  One of them
would be for a student project.  I would expect that once the system was
set up Thor would not be harder for the student than Pasco, and would
allow a wider range of projects.  But I have never been involved in
anything like this.

Buying a document camera seems like a good idea, but if we want to use
it for a three-dimensional object, we should be concerned with the depth
of field.  I don't see any document camera that lists depth of field in
the specifications, but the HoverCam T5 and T3 at least say "large depth
of field for documents and 3D objects."


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