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Minutes of Physics Theorynet Meeting, October 23, 2021

Physics Theorynet Meeting, October 23, 2021

Virtual place on Zoom








Scott Goelzer, Coe-Brown Northwood Academy NH

Kristin Newton, Cambridge Ringe & Latin HS

Mike Wadness, Medford HS

Michael Hirsh, Needham HS

Nivedi Das, Sharon HS

Per Berglund, UNH Durham, NH

Ken Olum, Tufts University

Tomasz Taylor, Northeastern University



We welcome new teacher, Kristin Newton who teaches physics at Cambridge Ringe and Latin High School.


The schools are getting back to normal. Almost all teaching is in person. What is most important for our program is that external visitors are now allowed in many schools, with proper notification of school authorities. There are some restrictions though on gathering sizes which may prevent us from "multi-class" presentations for a while. But we have a green light to resume visits in person and faculty-teacher pairings were made with "nearest neighbors":


1. Needham-Waltham: Michael Hirsch and Matt Headrick

2. Medford-Cambridge: Mike Wadness and Jesse Thaler

3. Hull-Kingston: Tim Fitzgibbon and Tom Taylor

4. Sharon/Medford-Sharon-Cambridge: Kristin Newton, Nivedi Das and Ken Olum. Tom Taylor is also nearby

5. Northwood NH, Durham NH and Lowell MA: Scott Goelzer, Per Berglund and Nishant Agarwal


Pairs/Trios, please get in touch to arrange visits as soon as possible because the weeks just before and after Thanksgiving are very convenient to everybody.

Teachers who did not attend, please contact Tom who will pair with Brent Nelson, Jim Halverson... and there are more available.


We had a very interesting discussion about purchasing an interferometer that can be used to explain physics behind LIGO gravitational wave detection. This is summarized in a separate email from Ken. What is better: Pasco or Thor, or maybe "dyi" like Glasgow University is the way to go? Please get back with your comments.


The winter meeting, in January, will be in held at Northeastern. It will be the first in person meeting in two years, but we will make it available via Zoom.




PS. Teachers' stipends increase to $180 effective this meeting.