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Re: interferometer

On Feb 20, 2022, at 11:03 AM, Ken Olum <kdo cosmos phy tufts edu> wrote:

Hi, Scott.  I did look at Pasco's interferometer, but it seemed much
less flexible.  It's set up to do one thing, and you can't do other
things with it.  Thor's is a much more general device.  Of course, this
is closely related the Thor system requiring set up while the Pasco isn
turn-key.  But I'm sure the set up and tuning can't be as bad as the
Cavendish experiment.

Agreed that the Thor is a more capable device, but I would consider how much time most HS teachers would invest in this experiment. 
Anyone else out there have actual experience with either?

I agree that any equipment of this kind is small and hard to see for a
group presentation.  But we must have other equipment with the same
problem.  What have we generally been doing? We certainly could afford
more AV equipment, but what should we get?

something small like:
could wired to projection systems.
it should be dedicated to and kept with the equipment.



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