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RE: physics in the times of plague

Hi Nivedi,

Yes, it would be great if you checked if you are “allowed” to set up such conferences. This is exactly my main concern – whether teachers are “allowed” to communicate with students and to set up such events. As far as our availability is concerned, I may be talking about myself, but I feel stuck at home and would love to dedicate one or two hours per week to communicate with the outside world. I am sure that we can provide “physics entertainment 😊” more than once per week. What I am not sure if students are interested, and to what extent you can motivate them.

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Hi Tom,


Thanks so much for thinking about high school physics classrooms.  This is most certainly an interesting time.  I know I have been waiting to hear from our district about directives, but it seems like for now we are only providing optional enrichment for students (at least until April 7th).  Personally, I would love to be able to offer Zoom video conferences but I need to just double check with our district if this is something we are "allowed" to do.  Would you set up a few times during the week to do this?  Advanced planning would be really important so that students could try to plan to be on time.  And it would be really helpful for me if you could provide the topic of the talk and the time for the zoom conference.  I can post for my students and have them let me know if they are interested.


Thanks so much for staying in touch,

Nivedi (Sharon High School)

(Haven't been to a meeting in.a while because I always seem to have conflicts!)


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Dear Teachers,

Inspired by Jesse T, I am wondering if we could organize virtual Theorynet, like sessions on Zoom, where we could give presentations and answer questions on a regular basis. The idea is to provide some quality science time for kids who are stuck at home, most likely for the rest of the school year. For us, it would be easy, but we don’t know if teachers could spread the news to students or it requires some other action. We also assume that students are interested because they have nothing else  to do, but who knows? So please tell us what you think about it.

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