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Re: physics in the times of plague


Great to hear from you actually.  Theorynet went dark and I have not heard any follow up since our September meeting.  I think if this wears on into May, it would be a nice opportunity to do something different.  Zoom works, but I have been using (and intend to use) Google Hangouts.  It is nice - all I have to do is send a link and it appear that an unlimited number of participants can just click the link.  There are no apps to download.  Participant see a video image of whoever is talking or the host can switch the screen to show all of part of what is on the desktop.

Next week I will just be re-establishing contact with students (for some reason I was told to wait until 3/23).  But sometime after that a video lecture or question session might be a nice distraction  for students.


On Fri, Mar 20, 2020 at 9:42 AM Taylor, Tomasz <t taylor northeastern edu> wrote:

Thank Ken for your input. The ball is on teachers side as usual. I am worried that nobody responded to my message, but I guess everybody is very busy reorganizing their lives. I will repeat it next week.

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Hi, Tom and all.  I know nothing about the technical aspects of online
classes (and since I'm not teaching I have not had to learn).  But in
terms of organization I wonder if it would be best to keep the
physicist/teacher pairings that we have and work within whatever system
is being used by the schools.  I've seen everything from a regular
school day with classes taught by Zoom to very little activity.  Maybe
physicists could fit ourselves into whatever online system is being used
by each school.



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