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Updating Pairings

Dear all,

To those of you I've heard back from, thank you!

I am still trying to update the pairings to prepare the minutes for the meeting. The most up-to-date ones I have are quite out of date (Fall 2017), so I need the following info from you:

1) If you would like the pairings below changed, please let me know.

2) If you are not on the list of pairings below and would like to be paired, please let me know.

Please also let me know if there is a Fall 2018 school visit that you haven't reported.

Minutes will follow in a few days once I've heard from more of you.


Chris Siren -- Matt Headrick

Mike Hirsh -- Jim Halverson

Nancy Najmi -- Ken Olum

Russ Sears -- Brent Nelson

Elaine Picard -- Jim Halverson

Scott Goelzer -- Per Berglund

Mike Wadness -- Liam Fitzpatrick

Dan Donovan -- Tom Taylor

James Halverson
Assistant Professor
Department of Physics
Northeastern University