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Theorynet Info

Dear all,

I hope you all stay safe and dry this weekend! It's supposed to be quite a storm. Perhaps not surprisingly, numbers were a bit thin this morning.

Accordingly, I'll need to collect some info via e-mail for the minutes. Could each of you please:

1) tell me whether you were a part of any school visits in Fall 2018, and details of whether, with whom, etc.

2) tell me who you were paired with in Fall 2018, and if you would like to stay paired with them in Spring 2019.

3) take a look at the experimental equipment excel sheet, and look into obtaining your desired experiment accordingly. I still have E/m and Millikan in my office, for anyone interested.

Next meeting is planned for April 13, to be confirmed in March.


James Halverson
Assistant Professor
Department of Physics
Northeastern University