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Minutes: January 2019 Meeting

Physics Theornet Meeting, Jan 29, 2019
Room 218 Dana Research Center, Northeastern University

Note: this is the day of a big snowstorm.

Michael Hirsh, Needham High School
Jim Halverson, Northeastern University

Brent Nelson — Northeastern University
Nancy Najmi — Reading Memorial HSc
Ken Olum — Tufts University
Russell Sears — Cohasset HS
Matthew Headrick — Brandeis University
Chris Siren — Groton-Dunstable Regional HS
John Samperisi — Monadnock Regional HS
Mike Wadness — Medford HS
Scott Goelzer — Coe-Brown Northwood Academy
Elaine Picard — Concord-Carlisle HS
Nivedi Das — Sharon HS
George Odell — North Andover HS
Richard Levergood — Londonderry HS
Jesse Thaler — MIT
Phiala Shanahan — MIT
Liam Fitzpatrick — Boston University
Jiji Fan — Brown University
Per Berglund — University of New Hampshire
Tomasz Taylor — Northeastern University
Daniel Jafferis — Harvard University
Matt Reece — Harvard University

A. School Visits

During the Fall semester Jim Halverson and Mike Hirsh had discussed meeting, but were unable to decide on a time. They have a meeting planned for a Friday in March 2019, when Jim will visit Needham High School.

In October, Tom Taylor visited Russ Sears AP and Honors classes at Cohasset High School. He talked about expanding Universe and elementary particles.

Javier Verto from MIT visited Mike Wadness at Medford high school in December and spoke to 4 classes totaling about 80 students.

Per Berglund visited Coe-Brown Academy on Nov 14, spoke to 3 classes on String Theory.

B. Pairings

Chris Siren -- Matt Headrick
Mike Hirsh -- Jim Halverson
Nancy Najmi -- Ken Olum
Russ Sears -- Brent Nelson
Elaine Picard -- Jim Halverson
Scott Goelzer -- Per Berglund
Mike Wadness -- Liam Fitzpatrick
Dan Donovan -- Tom Taylor
John Samperisi -- Matt Headrick

C. Faculty Recruitment

Faculty hiring in HET in Boston in 2018 was relatively low, but Jim will contact MIT's recent hire Netta Engelhardt once she arrives on campus.

D. Equipment

We have a self-explanatory google doc spreadsheet with the list of equipment available and contact information. If you are interested in one of demos, please contact the person who is presently in its possession:


E. Next Meeting

Planning April 13, for now. To be confirmed in March.

James Halverson
Assistant Professor
Department of Physics
Northeastern University