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Re: (ET) Water tank attachment for an Elec-trak.

I dont weld old fuel tanks!  How about a plastic 30 gallon (or so) drum -
probably can find one used from some business using bulk chemicals, or buy
(gasp) one from Northern Tool.   You can make a tray for the rear of your
tractor by welding up some "daggers" that fit the rear frame like the mower
deck bracket on the front.  I have a weight box that's built this way.  It
has an extended trailer hitch too, and bolts to the original tow bracket
under the rear of the tractor.

Hey why not buy the whole pump & tank from Northern Tool - trouble is its 

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Subject: (ET) Water tank attachment for an Elec-trak.

Ok, I need something else here; I want to build a water tank for my
Elec-trak. Something that can carry a good 10-15 gallons of water from my
rain barrels out to the garden, or to wash off the solar panels on the 

The problem is, how?

What I have is a 16 gallon fuel tank from a Porsche 914, a welder, and a 
of time. I could probably build a rail mount for the tank and put it on the
back of an Elec-trak, but the problem is filling and emptying it.

I'd want a pump that can provide around 40-50 pounds of pressure, and be
able to run backwards so I can fill the tank by hooking the hose to the 
barrel. And of course run on 36 volts DC.

Any thoughts before I just begin welding?


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