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(ET) Sickle Bar Mower Mystery

I have a sickle bar mower mystery. I liked  Dean Stuckmann's idea of a front mounted SBM and was able to  locally find a mid mount Haban from a cub cadet and make a similar rig to Dean's. I got it set up according to the Haban manual that he sent me(which happens to be for a cub cadet) all except for the way the cutters lay on the shear fingers. With proper hold down clip clearance of 1/32'' they nearly touch at the tips and have 1/8''+ clearance at the base . I figured someone had put the wrong fingers on at some time but it is the right Haban part# 6732 . So I figured that must be the way they intended it to fit. Looking at the manual again I see the part where it says " check the top surface of  the wear plate with the top surface of the shear finger, these must be even".  In order to make those even I would have to have fingers with about 1/8'' more offset, or bend the finger in two places to create more offset. Doing a good job of bending would  be a challenge and the fact that it is the right part# makes me wonder just what is going on. So I thought I would put it out to the group for ideas. I have done some mowing and it does work but I really need to stay in LL or I clog the cutters. Dean says he can mow in L  and his cutters are set the way I think they should be not with a big gap at the base.  I will include two links to  picassa photos of the rig and the cutter. I think it will be a very useful tool once I get it dialed in.  Kimball