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(ET) Alltrax install

Hello all,
Hoping I am sending this to the right place. I have been a reader of all posts from the beginning. I am finally rebuilding my Wheel Horse C-185 and am looking for help on the wiring of the Alltrax 300 DCX. I sent an e-mail to them looking for Steve but have had no reply.
All the wiring has been removed. The frame sand blasted and POR 15'd, new battery box and side sheets installed. Bought the parts from the ET store. Great fit, only had to drill out the tack welds on the fenders on the old battery box then used those holes  to secure the new box to the fenders.  Used automotive throttle cable kit for the POT. Got the idea from EV web site. Installed a H. Landis controller for the Iron battery charger. Fixed the sloppy steering with washers on the steering shaft and moved the upper steering bearing up toward the control cabinet which forced the steering pinion gear down.
I have the 1975 parts manual, owners manual, and service manual.  I don't have the skill (yet) to read the wiring diagram supplied by Alltrax. They show only three wires going into two different types of PTO coils. The coils I saved have six posts. Actually I saved all the electrical components, and if anyone needs the things I am not going to use let me know.
Thank you for all your time and all the posts past and future.
Tom Klein
Harrison Twp. MI