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Re: (ET) Transmission noises, odd

My guess is the tranny bearings have not been running in oil. Need 64 ozs in there, no less. If it is bearings I don't know if they can be saved. If you change oil, try 6-8 ozs of Motor Silk trans additive. The Motor Silk website site is 'evergreenamerica.com

On Mar 30, 2008, at 7:49 PM, Christopher Zach wrote:

So it's spring, which means time to remove the snowblower and hook up
the tiller. Did some tilling in the yard, the NiCD batteries just hold
up exceptionally well.

However while tilling I started to hear a grinding sound from the
motor/transmission. It looks like it is coming from the tranny. I'll try
jacking it up and replacing the transmission oil, but does anyone else
have any ideas what could cause rumbling in the transmission, and if it
can be replaced?


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