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Re: (ET) Help, reverse missing?

After checking the fwd/rev relay action, finding that they are OK I would 
suspect a microswitch (s) on the throttle control. E12 has a load of 
switches, E12S has fewer, E12M control is same as E12. I have had many 
switches wear out the buttons. Replacements are available from many 
electronic suppliers like Digikey, Mouser, Electronic Goldmine, Alltronics 
etc. Radio Shack used to have them but do not seem to carry them now.

You would have to remove a good one or measure the height of the button 
from the switch body to match a replacement. You might find replacements 
that have a metal leaf to actuate the switch. As long as the button is the 
right height just bend and break the metal leaf.

When working on the throttle control assy be careful not to remove to many 
screws from the microswitch carrier otherwise the switches will be out of