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(ET) Fwd: RE: Electric Tractor Conversion Update

I would advise not using a snowthrower motor for the deck, use a drive 
motor instead. The snowthrower motor is a full blown series wound motor, 
it's speed will be all over the place with differing loads. The drive 
motors being either permmag or primarily shunt-wound are more of a 
constant speed motor.  I'd prefer the E14 or E12 permmag motor for the 
deck.  No controls needed, just a contactor for each motor.

Stay Charged!


Jerry wrote:

I beleve R Klien, Hump an others have the right idea, replace the 11hp ICE 
with a 14, 15, 20 hp Etrack motor. I did a Cub 149 an few years back, no 
controlls needed, it was a shaft drive hydro so the dc motor ran at full 
rpms all the time, all controll was thur the trany ..fwd/rev/speed, I 
would switch out the decks for a frt mount elec deck, or add a snowblower 
motor to drive the present deck, worked fine for me
Jerry NW Ohio
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Why not just use one motor to drive the existing hydraulics and leave 
everything else alone?  The hydro would run at a constant RPM and the 
speed control would be by stock shuttle valves.
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I'm surprised 11 hp could power the hydros and the deck.
  With the mass of the front deck having to be swung in order to make 
180's the tires have to grip well.  With steering levers with say 6" of 
travel one can "feather" the power to the drive wheels until the inertia 
of the deck mass is overcome and then the 180 turn (without excessive tire 
spin) can occur.  Can there be enough "feel" in the Alltrax?  How do you 
plan to translate your control (ie levers?) to the Alltrax?  I like the 
concept a lot.  I have mowed with Dixon ZTR's for 30 years, there is no 
more efficient way to move around a yard, "feel" is important when 
operating a ZTR.


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