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RE: (ET) Mower deck questions

Well here I go sticking my head out again. 

 If you have deck motors tripping out the thermal circuit breaker all
the time I would do some investigation as to why. Under nominal mowing
tripping breakers should not happen. 

Is the grass too high or wet?
Are the blades sharp and true?
Is your ground speed to fast?
Is the underside of the deck clean of old grass and mud?
Have all the bolts been turned around so that only the heads are under
the deck? (Helps stop grass build up.
Did you clean and paint the underside of the deck this spring or just
start up where you left it last fall?
Are the motors in good shape, brushes and bearings? 
Are all the electrical connections clean and tight?
Have you made amp readings for each motor under no load? (I need to do
this one so I have a base line). 
Have the thermal circuit breakers been misadjusted?
Will the deck push easily by hand in a straight line on level concrete? 

MY guess is one or more of these problems affect all our decks. The
mower deck is the weak point in any garden tractor. The Elec-trak is no

Dwight L. Hazen
Indiana University, UITS
Bloomington, In. 47408-7378
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untreated, it develops into Arrogance, which is often fatal." -- Lee

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stephen provost wrote:

> Hey, has anybody come up with a setup that gives a visual indication 
> (sensor??) on when each mower motor is running or not?
- Haven't tried this, but - if you want to know if the thermal breaker 
has cut out or not - put a 36V bulb or LED/resistor across each breaker.

You could have it poke out the top of the cap. When the breaker opens 
the bulb/LED should light.

- SteveS

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