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(ET) Power Robber

From Lee:

I still can't believe it!

My E-15 was getting crankier all the time. Sometimes to get it to run I'd have to raise the hood and tap on the black board (on which the relays are mounted). Or I'd have to fiddle with the master cutout switch. Then one day nothing would work. I used my Deere to tow it back to the shed. With the multimeter I determined the problem was in the master cutout switch, so I wired around it.

WOW! It's like having a new tractor. I can't remember when it had this much power and zip. The meters both register better than they have in a long time. And I haven't had to tap the black board once.

So if your tractor acts like it needs a dose of Hadacol, maybe what it really needs is a new master switch.