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RE: (ET) Chains

I'll have to get a pic to show this......

I use my plow instead of the thrower, currently my banks are over 
5 feet high. I can take a load of snow and push it up to the bank. 
But wait.....the tractor doesn't stop....it keeps going...UP THE 
BANK OF SNOW. Chains make all the difference.

I also use this feature to reduce the load on my lift, I ram the 
plow right into the bank and when it starts to climb the bank, I 
stop and lift the blade. Since the blade is already lifted by the 
bank of snow all the lift has to do is take up slack.

I have not had a problem with the tractor since the last time I 
posted about it not wanting to go. I think the problem was the 
sticky throttle, and the fact that my wife didn't know that the 
throttle has to return to "zero" after using the brake or the 
tractor won't go.

Stay Charged!

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>Ok. Got a set of chains. I think they are too long, so I might 
just cut 
>some links off but they do fit with a bit of overlap.
>The difference is.... Well, simply is. The tractor walks up ice. 
>walked into the heavy snowbank uphill. If it does slip one just 
waits a 
>few seconds as the chains+2,000lbs rip through whatever is 
causing it to 
>not go. Making it.... well, go.
>I got bored with my driveway, so drove it over to the neighbor's. 
>his walk up to a 3 foot snowplow pile from the street. Then 
>chewed through it. This thing is an *animal*.
>Now to get a mounting bracket (so I can return this one) and 
figure out 
>a way to make the rod telescope again. Any suggestions?
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