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RE: (ET) Re: pack not isolated from frame??

My wiring and cables looked pretty good and I had taken special care to 
them off to the frame away from the pulley.  I'll check them thoroughly 
to be sure.  

Now if it the wire/cable is fine what/how to do/determine the 
resistors ???

thanks much,

> Add to that list the drive motor pulley cutting through the wire harness
> under the frame.
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>       As my Dad, the electrician who had 30 years of experience with DC
> operated overhead cranes would say, "Son, you've got something that's
> 'gone
> to ground'."
>     {Actually, in most cases two items have to fail to make obvious
> symptoms.}
>     The most common culprits in the Elec-Trak(r) are.......
> 1.) Armature resistor contactor bushings.
> 2.) Armature terminal bushings on the traction motor, or brush rigging.
> 3.) Lift motor.
>      This situation is VERY dangerous, and must be investigated and
> repaired
> immediately.
>     I have never seen a tractor with the PTO outlet where you have
> described
> it. Give us the numbers from the data plate, under the hood, and I think
> we
> can puzzle it out.
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