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RE: (ET) plow vs thrower

I'll throw in a little info. here.  I also had used a '57 Farmall Cub with front blade for years and when I went to the I-5 GE (Similar to the E-20), I handled the snow much better.  The main difference is that with a blade, you push snow to the sides (if you have a long drive, like Dennis & I have), piling it up for the wind to fill in the drive to the height of the snow along the edges. (Which may only take an hour.) The next time you plow, you have twice the amount of snow to move.  The third time, you have the same multiplication, until you can only push it clear down the drive, into the road, which then takes forever, due to the snow running over the top of the blade, even with top extensions.  With the snow blower, you just blow it the direction the wind is going and you are finished with it!  No piles, nothing for it to drift over & fill in! The drive stays cleared much longer!
The GE snowthrower, with extra batteries on the   back and chains can handle ice crusted two foot deep snow.  I've done it for years and was very satisfied.  It will also handle wet snow better than a two stage blower. The extra air flow in a two stage freezes more snow to the chute and paddles in wet snow.
Haven't had to move much this year...just drive over it, so far....  Most has turned into ice on the way down!
By the way, Max, silicone spray worked best (for me)for keeping snow and the chute (rotation) from freezing.
Gary Woodard

"Pestka, Dennis J" <Dennis Pestka TycoHealthcare com> wrote:
I have plowed over 12" of wet heavy snow on a 200 ft gravel driveway with my Wheelhorse C185. (Similar to the E20 Elec-Trak model)
It has chains but no extra weight and have never seen a snow it couldn't handle.
My Old Full size Farmall Cub Tractor can't hold a candle to what the Wheelhorse can do.
I also like the fact that my power is not decreased by driving the additional blower motor, especially when the cold is limiting your range anyway.
Elsberry, MO
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Hi, all,
man, what a great series of posts on batteries, charging, and temperature. I'm sure a lot of you are typing or reading the same things over by now, but I just keep on soaking up them good data. I'm humbled and happy to be on the list, as ever.
I have worked hard to keep my snowthrower throwing over the last couple of years, and am, by and large, very, very happy to have the thing. I doooo wonder, though, about the simple efficacy of a plow blade. Up here near Boston, we get light fluffy snow from time to time (more rare) and that is a dream to throw. (Thanks to the cold weather we had about 3" of the lightest stuff you've ever seen. It seemed like Utah, or fake snow from the movies. I got to run the tractor at its highest speed while throwing snow without taking the current draw gauge into the yellow. Unprecedented for me.) Mostly we get wet heavy stuff, though, and I have worked hard on my dynamic speed-tuning snowthrowing technique to avoid clogging. And it still clogs, despite waxes, paints, Pam, lucky charms, etc.
Someone just posted about trying a plow and never going back... So how about plows and heavy snow? Particularly, how deep a wet snow can you plow?
Mid-winter and grinnin'
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