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(ET) E-15 Motor specs

Hello everyone,

Production of the Sep-Ex controller for the Elec-Trak has been delayed, 
again, because our vendors have not made delivers of critical parts.

We planned to start shipping controllers this week but it's just not going
to happen.  We expect it to be a couple more weeks, if they keep their new

We apologize for this delay once again !

The good news is the controller has been made better because of the delay.
The engineer has spent a lot of time characterizing different motors for 
controller and as a result came up with a two layer motor curve imbedded in
the software which made the golf car version go about 7 miles per hour
faster than before while maintaining the torque.

We are now putting this change in for the Elec-Trak motors.  But we need
your help.  We are looking for the Current relationship between the Field
and  the Armature over the torque and rpm range that was spec'd out by GE.
Does anyone have the motor spec sheet for the E-15 motor ?  We have created
a curve that seems to work, but to make sure the motor is operated within
it's limits we would like to see the original specs.  If you know where we
could obtain this information we would be most appreciative.

Thank You.

Steve Richardson
Alltrax Inc.