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Re: OT: Re: (ET) pollution

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>However, if you obtain used vegetable oil from local restaurants and
>reprocess it into fuel, one could argue that you're getting your fuel 
>with no
>^additional^ use of fossil fuels (providing you haul it with your BD 
>vehicle).  You're also saving landfill space.

I used to work in a Tortilla factory, where we fried chips as well as baked
tortillas.  I don't know about others, but we used a LOT of cooking oil,
but threw away almost none.  We filtered it, and there was enough that went
w/ the chips that it never got "old".  I believe it is rare that a
restaurant or food processor actually throws a significant amount away,
most is picked up by an oil recycler.  I don't know where it goes, but it
is too valuable to throw away.  Used oil will never be a significant source
of motor vehicle fuel, because there is so little of it.  One or 2 people
can run vehicles, but not thousands.  Another problem is that anyone who
wants it for free has to be reliable about getting it, or it isn't worth
the business' trouble to deal with.

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>The moral is, don't throw over your ET for a BD tractor!

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