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Fwd: Re: (ET) Mower deck -- cut quality

Everything else can be perfect, ie. correct number of spacers in the front casters, the deck is not warped and has been reenforced with welded angle iron towards the top front, the rear sides are adjusted to the correct hole, all 3 motor shafts are not bent, the mower blades are not warped or bent, you can NOT have a properly cutting mower deck if you have worn rollers. As I have said in a previous posting, We are creatures of habit so when we turn around over an asphalt/concrete driveway we normally turn the same direction. This will cause the left or the right side of the mower deck rollers to wear more than the other. If the rollers are worn on one side more than another, how can you possibly think your deck can be level to give you a proper cut? Put some small blocks of wood (for spacers) under the deck and rotate the blades to check both front to back and right to left level. Make the proper adjustment to the front spacers and rear holes to get the deck level so the blades will not be cutting up of down causing the motors to work overtime In short maybe replace all of the rollers.
That's my 2 cents.
Garry East TN

t 07:31 PM 6/12/2003 -0400, you wrote:
The rollers should not be tapered.  If they are replace them.

Usually the two outer rollers taper from skidding as you turn, especially 
you turn on an asphalt driveway.

Steve Naugler
snaugler earthlink net

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> Did you level the rollers in back and the casters in front?
> BTW, the 'tapered' rollers, if they exist get the lower diameter toward
the outside to prevent
> getting a 'divot' when turning sharp.
> Larry Elie
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> Subject: (ET) Mower deck -- cut quality
> I'm not very pleased with the quality of cut my deck
> is producing.  I bought my I-5 a couple months ago and
> have restored the tractor.  (Hopefully pics will be
> place on the Elec-Trak page soon --- I've sent them
> in).  The deck, I haven't done anything to yet.
> I've read the post about bent motor shafts and blades
> causing bad cuts.  I've checked the blades on all
> three motors.  There are slight differences (when you
> rotate them 180 degrees and measure distance to deck)
> but less than 1/4 inch.  The middle motor gets hotter
> than the other two.  It's also the one with the least
> sharp blade.  Maybe that's the cause of the additional
> heat.  It's also the motor that seems to leave the
> grass the highest after the cut.  Is it possible that
> the deck might be warped too?  The rear rollers are
> wooden.  A couple of them are larger on one end than
> the other (shaped like a Christmas tree).  I put them
> in the middle, which would minimize their effect.
> The cut job is just not level across it.  Any ideas?
> Darryl Howell
> Smyrna GA