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RE: (ET) mower motor bolt broke off :(

Tack weld another bolt to the end of the broken one.  HEAT SINK the shaft 
with your vise-grips (you don't need any secondary welding).  Sometimes 
the bolt may expand and be loose when it cools anyway.

Back the bolt out with a wrench.

Larry Elie

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From: Monty McGraw [mailto:mmcgraw74 hotmail com]
Sent: Sunday, May 19, 2002 9:25 PM
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Subject: (ET) mower motor bolt broke off :(


I just got three new bolts and special clutch washers from Bill Gunn and 
them on my used Wheel-Horse mower deck this Saturday.

No problem with installing two of the bolts.

Middle bolt must have been crossthreaded and lacked about an 1/8" of the
bolt touching the clutch washer.  I did have two new 'red' washers below 
above the blade from Bill, so I know I had all the right parts.  I was
tightening the bolt with a socket wrench and holding the flange with vise
grips - the bolt sheared :(

Since this motor (all three small diameter GE, rebuilt by Bill Gunn) hadn't
been together too long, I had no problem taking the flange off.  I've got
about 1/2" of bolt showing out of the end of the motor shaft, but I 
get it to budge using two vise grips.

Any bolt removal ideas?

Monty McGraw
I-5 still running fine