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RE: (ET) E-15 Motor on EBay

  I saw that motor and even put a bid on it - as a spare for my E15.  But
with me being in Colorado, it would most likely cost me more than $300 to
ship the whole tractor here.  Anyone closer to Allentown, PA that would be
interested in some other spare parts??  I wouldn't be surprized if he'd 
less for having everything gone - especially since he's already selling the

- - joe

Joseph Rock
E-15 & MagnaTrac Hydro 5000 in Colorado

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Subject: (ET) E-15 Motor on EBay

I just spoke with the gentleman selling the E15 Motor on E-Bay.

He has the rest of the tractor. Tractor only, dry-rotted tires, no
batteries, not bad sheet metal. No other info available.

He will take 300 for the whole enchilada, this means you need to "win" the
motor, if you want it. Win it for $300 or more and the whole thing is