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(ET) Question about big GE motors

Got a question:

My dad is finally going to get rid of his old YTV tractor, and take my
Craftsman. One of the things he had on the YTV was a massive roto-tiller
that ran via belts off the main tractor motor. It's big, it's bad...

It would probably fit on the tail end of the Elec-Trak :-)

Now, I think I could weld on some stakes to attach it to the ET's tail end.
I might also be able to weld on a platform for a nice big motor. The
question is where could I get a 36 volt high torque motor.

Question 2 is what was the rear lift option for the ET, and how did it
attach? Would it be totally insane to attach a tiller to the front of a

Anyone got a tiller for the ET? How did GE do it?