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Re: (ET) speed control

 Phil wrote,

> Neil et al,
> I'll weigh in on this one. I have what someone described as a 'New Idea'
> tractor. On this unit, the main traction motor runs all the time 
> (constant
> speed), and uses a clutch and three-speed transmission to control
> & ground speed.
> This has the advantage of being very simple, but not very efficient. What
> would like (and have plans) to do is to replace the motor with a
> shunt-wound, variable speed motor and electronic controller. My ultimate
> goal is to make mowing more efficient by making it unnecessary to use the
> transmission & clutch to start, stop, and change direction & speed.
> Does this sound ambitious?
> -Phil Trice
> West Lafayette, IN

  Phil, I  converted one of my E10 tractors to a 1204 Curtis controller and
foot operated potentiometer. Its great for mowing around trees and flower
gardens where you need to slow your speed down without having to slip the
clutch (belt). Another nice benefit is without the motor running full speed
all the time it makes the tractor much quieter to operate. Its a very 
conversion to do. I would recommend installing the power disconnect that is
used on the larger frame ET on your tractor to keep the batteries from 
drain by the controller circuit. You would also need to relocate the 
charger wire so you can still charge your batteries while the power
disconnect is turn off.
  I think you will enjoy the tractor more and find it easier to use with an
variable speed update using the stock PM motor and a Curtis or a 
shunt motor and a shunt controller as you suggested. It would not be any
different than to drive a car; you have a brake pedal on the left and an
accelerator on the right and no special training for your wife is needed to
drive it! While you are in there, you may want to look into updating the
charger to a auto shut off system.
    Eric Miller