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RE: (ET) Parts

I would be more likely to purchase parts from Technical Service if they at
least published a price list or catalog. I do not know what parts they 
and if they are at a price I am willing to pay. I do not like calling and
asking if they have this or that and how much. Then, you have to call back
to get the shipping costs after you make up your mind what you want.

I am sorry that guy at Technical Service hates the Internet so much, 
I see this a one reason his business is not as brisk as he would like. A 
page takes little effort and could generate quite a bit of business. Even
just an email address. I would rather send an email inquiry instead of
making a bunch of long distance phone calls.

Maybe someone could post a Technical Service parts/price list in the 
Files section?

Rick Barnes
Aloha, OR

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> Hi; Awhile ago I posted a suggestion to this ET list about
> starting a buying
> group for attachments and parts. Well to say the least I didn't
> get very far
> when I started figuring costs, engineering, quantities etc. I was also
> severely lambasted both on the list and personal emails about supporting
> Technical Service as they already are doing the same thing I was thinking
> about doing. Since then I have noticed a quite a few posts to the
> group from
> people who critisized me and are constantly looking for a cheaper
> source for
> parts. I also noticed a gentleman who came up with a schematic for an
> electronic control and the statement was made to make sure and give him a
> few dollars for his time and effort. I wonder how many of us in the group
> send Tech Service some money for the free troubleshooting help they have
> given us through the years.Not many I would guess, I talked to Bob this
> morning and it looks like parts will get to be fewer and farther
> between. He
> said it is getting to costly to keep on supporting the Elec-Trak and that
> from now on when he runs out of a part he will no longer have it
> manufactured. i asked him how much return he gets from helping
> people solve
> their problems. He kept track of the calls for a month and out of
> 74 calls
> for help he got 11 orders for a total 374.00.Some of the calls were even
> returned to the customer costing him money for the call. I also asked how
> much business he gets from people on this list and he said he had
> no idea so
> I mention some names and lo and behold many people have never
> even ordered
> anything. Just a little venting, Ed
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