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Re: (ET) " Mower Deck Coating "


Below is the info that I posted on 2/11.

I could not find the Slip Plate brand.  The farm and home supply store here
has replaced it with the following product from BPS Agri Systems (Best 

Sold), a division of Valspar Corp.

It is called "Non-Stick Graphite Paint"
A spray bomb has the following number on the UPC code,  80047 12042
1 Quart can is, 80047 12040
1 Gallon can is, 80047 12041

By the way,  The stuff works great on the underside of a mower deck.

Hope this helps
Dean A. Stuckmann

"Pestka, Dennis J" wrote:

> I'm in the process of rebuilding my mower deck motors and I would like to
> put a good coating on the bottom while it's all apart.
> It's a Wheelhorse 44" front mounted deck.
> I thought I remember someone talking about a graphite type paint ?
> Does anyone know anything about this, or can you suggest something else ?
> Thanks;
> Dennis
> Wheelhorse A-60 and C-185
> Elec-Trak  E-20 and E-12M.