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        Although others, for, against, or otherwise feel that a cd rom 
of the manual is a good thing but not sure if it should be done, look at
it this way. First, the originating manufacturer abandoned the product
(sold it). Second, the next company who owned the "works" of the ET
abandoned it, so therefore the ET is an ORPHAN. It has no owner. That
means if someone wanted to go into business actually manufacturing ET
parts, there is nobody to stop him/her. Do you thing that the person who
makes reproduction parts for Studebaker cars went to the ???????? to get
permission? NO. If someone wants to go through the enormous amount of
time and work to produce a cd version and sell it at a REASONABLE price
to cover their labour, sure, go for it! There, I said my 2 cents worth
and will support anybody who wants help to complete the project.

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