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(ET) more on battery "de-sulfator"

Take Lee Hart's advice on battery maintainance, he's right on the money.

On the subject of de-sulfating, there was a schematic and plan for a pulse
type de-sulfator in one of the electronics mags several years ago (15
maybe).  It used a solid DC charge with periodic interruption by a high
reverse voltage pulse.  Supposed to work but I didn't try and build one. 
Maybe it's not a good thing, but I have helped some batteries by completely
discharging, reverse charging for a short time, discharging again and then
charging normally.  This sometimes helps on one that is completely


Also, I have a Black & Decker walk behind battery powered reel mower, has
anyone heard of this, it seems to like 24 VDC to operate.  Had no batteries
or charger when I found it.