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Re: (ET) Hot Rod Elec-Trac

Hi Dean, this is a new variation that I have never heard of, but sounds interesting. I know there have to be several people out there that can answer your question about high voltage, but I can refer you to John Wayland in Portland, Oregon as he has converted a garden tractor to electric and has a lot of experience with high voltage battery packs and drag racing. He can be reached at "dat1200 europa com". He has a couple of Datsun's that are really powerful and totally electric. Dan Eyk

From: "Dean A. Stuckmann" <dstuck lakefield net>
To: "Elec-Trac List Server" <elec-trak cosmos5 phy tufts edu>
Subject: (ET) Hot Rod Elec-Trac
Date: 2 Jun 99 23:12:25 -0500

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